parallel parameter homotopy through bertini
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step2readandwrite.cpp File Reference
#include "step2readandwrite.hpp"

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int GetStart (boost::filesystem::path dir, std::string &start, std::string startfilename)
int GetLastNumSent (std::string base_dir, std::vector< int > &lastnumsent, int numprocs)
int GetMcNumLines (boost::filesystem::path base_dir, int numparam)

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int GetLastNumSent ( std::string  base_dir,
std::vector< int > &  lastnumsent,
int  numprocs 

Definition at line 54 of file step2readandwrite.cpp.

int GetMcNumLines ( boost::filesystem::path  base_dir,
int  numparam 

Gets the number of lines in the mc file. essentially reads the top line of the file.

base_dirThe directory in which to look for the mcfile.
numparamNumber of parameters in the problem. Deprecated?
terminationint - The number of parameter points in the file. Note that this could acceptably be smaller than the actual number, but not larger.

Definition at line 167 of file step2readandwrite.cpp.

Referenced by master_process::GetTerminationInt(), and failinfo::PerformAnalysis().

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int GetStart ( boost::filesystem::path  dir,
std::string &  start,
std::string  startfilename 

reads in the start file to memory

dirThe directory in which to read the start file
startMUTABLE String containing the start file
startfilenameThe name of the start file. This is a user-set name.

Definition at line 10 of file step2readandwrite.cpp.

Referenced by failinfo::new_step_one(), and master_process::SendStart().

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