parallel parameter homotopy through bertini
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CdatagathererClass for gathering data, from failed path analysis, and from completed runs
 CfailinfoThe class for performing failed path analysis
 CfileinfoClass for caching/storing gathered temp output files
 Cmaster_processMaster process for basic searches and brute-force runs
 CpointClass containing parameter values, index, and collected data
 CProgSettingsA class that stores the general program settings of Paramotopy
 CruninfoA class for the input file parser
 CsettingA class that stores the information of a setting as used in an xml file
 Cslave_processSlave process for basic searches and brute-force runs
 CtimerCapable of timing arbitrary categories of processes, using a map of timer_data's
 Ctimer_dataSmall class, with no methods, for holding timing data
 CToSaveStruct for indicating the names of the files to be collected